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T 02 76318174
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Can I also call to ask for information?

Call for more information or to book a visit. Call us with confidence: we always have time to answer your questions.

How long is the wait list for a visit?

Forget the long waiting lists: We’ll do our best to get you in as quickly as possible. And if you have an urgent need, there’s always our first aidservice.

When can I call?

You can always call us during our opening hours. Outside of the opening hours, our answering machineis active. Leave a message with your name and phone number and we’ll call you back as soon as we are back the next business day. You may also send us an email ( with your name and phone number or send a message via WhatsApp (+ 39 366 56 33 227).

Our schedule

9-18 > Monday,
9-18 > Tuesday,
9-18 > Wednesday,
9-18 > Thursday,
9-18 > Friday,

Extraordinary openings

Hours: 9-13

Saturday 19 January
Saturday 16 February
Saturday 23 March
Saturday 13 April

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