One life. See it.

The most recent video by Phil Beastall, created exclusively for CARONES Vision. Welcome to the Patient Experience
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A new view of the world

Centro Carones becomes CARONES Vision: a new brand and a new site to reinforce its essence as a private ophthalmology center of excellence.

Our new address is
Via Domodossola 19
20145 Milan

Dr. Carones star of the TV broadcast
"A doctor in the sports ground"

Saturday primetime, Italia Uno channel, Mediaset Group Network

CARONES Vision Official Partner
Skirace Cup

AWARD CEREMONY season 2018-19

With the eyes of a champion

Enjoy Your Holidays

Recover your eyesight to enjoy every moment of beauty

Have fun as you like

A view to build the level of competition

Enjoy your family

Play, cuddle, and race without worries

Unleash your performance

A precise vision to do your best at your favorite sport

Success at work

Secure business with a direct glance and a firm handshake

Study with Passion


Seriously Enjoy

No excuses, enjoy the fun with your eyes wide open

Ophthalmology First Aid

Available to all, adults and children, not only established CARONES Vision patients.

Freedom to see

We know how important is your sight and how to give it the attention it deserves, to allow you to focus on the overall vision: a full, enjoyable, safe life. Communicate with US.


Eye health

Do you want to get back the sight that you deserve? Carones Vision is the answer. With the care, attention and professionalism that only a private medical-surgical center can give you. No waiting time.
Communicate with US.



A unique patient experience in an avant-garde center

For your children

Their gaze on life fills our hearts with joy and trust. We help you keep it clear and serene.

A happy instagramer


I rediscovered the pleasure of watching (and photographing!) what I eat.

-Giorgio Sarti